Wealth + Legacy Planning - NYT Bestseller Garrett Gunderson

When:  May 7, 2019 from 11:00 AM to 5:30 PM (ET)
Garrett Gunderson is called a "financial genius" in entrepreneurial circles, but he wasn't
born with a silver spoon. In fact, Garrett's blue-collar roots are what make him so
passionate about helping entrepreneurs build Economic Independence.

For a great overview of what to expect, check out this special video Garrett filmed
exclusively for EO Richmond:

Garrett comes from a 4th generation coal mining family, raised in rural Utah. His
great-grandfather left San Giovanni, Italy in 1913 to escape government corruption and
excessive taxation. He came to America and was separated from his family for 7 years,
living in a tent so he could build a better life for his family.

Garrett's approach to personal finance is firmly rooted in this history. His company,
Wealth Factory, helps self-made business owners and entrepreneurs who understand
hard work — but who haven't been given the proper financial tools to build lasting
wealth. Because even though Garrett's great-grandfather understood the value of hard
work, he never got to enjoy it. And without proper structures, hard work is like eating
soup with a fork. You keep busy, but stay hungry.

So Garrett imagined his great-grandfather was his client. How could he have helped him
grow his wealth faster? And with that thought in mind, he built the kind of company that
would have helped his great-grandfather build Economic Independence in 3-7 years
instead of taking three generations to break the cycle of scarcity.

The process Wealth Factory uses to help you is simple. First, we recover leaking money
that's rightfully yours. Next we connect you with experts who create a framework that
preserves, protects and grows your money. And finally we build structures that help you
live wealthy now while creating a lasting family legacy.

This family legacy — and the burning desire to pass on what he's learned to his children
— are what drive Garrett to help others. He now spends his time innovating new
financial tools and technologies that help small business owners and entrepreneurs like
you build lasting wealth, live the life you love, and pass on a lasting family legacy of
your own. He believes your legacy is defined not just by money, but by the values and
contribution you pass along.

Garrett lives in Salt Lake City with his wife, two children and a dog. When he's not
traveling, speaking, or spending time with his family, Garrett enjoys Crossfit, eats Paleo
and makes people laugh at local standup comedy clubs.


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