EO DC Mastermind Mentorship Session

When:  Oct 4, 2023 from 15:00 to 16:30 (ET)
Associated with  All Member Discussions

Mastermind Group 1 - EOS, led by Lisa Klein

Entrepreneur Operating System (EOS) is an extremely efficient and effective tool for running and scaling a business. Comprised of 6 core concepts and relatively simple to implement, EOS can be applied to businesses of almost any size. EOS uses systems theory and systems mechanics to break down the core aspects of your business, allowing a deep dive into how your business is currently running, what can be done better, and what is missing. By utilizing the EOS tools to implement and enhance these 6 core concepts, your business will start to get traction. EOS is an exquisitely well thought out and always effective methodology that is very valuable to master.

Mastermind Group 2 - Data Led Business Intelligence, led by Lucy Zhang

Learn how to apply business intelligence to your strategic and operational decisions. We have curated strategies from leading companies and adapted them to be useful for small-to-midsize enterprises. Our goal is to give smaller organizations access to data analytics best practices so you can improve your bottom line. You will work on your own businesses. Using your own P&Ls and other metrics, you’ll learn how to gain actionable insight into your business.


Washington, DC 20002