Human 2.0-'Thoughts of an Entrepreneur & Neuroscientist'

When:  May 26, 2020 from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM (ET)

In keeping with this year’s “Hack Your Blueprint” theme, this highly interactive presentation by a (very) highly ranked EO speaker named Dr. David Bach, will address two specific and actionable topics that will help all of us rewire our brains and enhance our business performance in today’s challenging business climate.

First, we will discuss some recent breakthroughs in the neuroscience arena and how these breakthroughs can be practically leveraged so we canmeasurably improve our brain’s cognitive functioning and adaptability in a way that allows us to become both more productive, and better able to adapt to these changing times.

Second, David will walk us through his own, personal, blueprint-hacking journey, and how this process allowed him to build and manage the country’s fastest growing company during the last economic downturn we experienced (in 2008).


David Bach, MD is a Harvard-trained neuroscientist and Founder and President of Optios, a San Diego-based NeuroPerformance company that works with the world’s most elite performers – including professional athletes and hedge fund managers – using cutting-edge neuroscience to dramatically enhance their cognitive performance.

David was an EO member for 14 years.

Prior to founding Optios, David was a: serial entrepreneur, venture capitalist, management consultant, scientist, physician, martial artist, and professional cellist.

As an entrepreneur, David founded and built three prior companies: Touchstone Health, Empyrean Benefit Solutions, and Leprechaun HCC Management. Each of these became a $100M enterprise. His venture capital experience was with TA Associates in Boston.

After spending a decade maximizing his physical and mental performance, David created Optios to bring scientific rigor to, and create commercial applications in, the rapidly expanding arena of applied neuroscience.

David attended Harvard College and Harvard Medical School. His scientific training was at The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

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