EO DC Game Changing Tax Strategies That Propel Entrepreneurs

When:  Feb 4, 2021 from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM (ET)
Are Taxes Your Biggest Personal Expense? They Don't Need To Be. 
Meet Noah Rosenfarb...an entrepreneur, investor, and author who is on a mission to help entrepreneurs keep more of what they earn. (Although he's a third-generation CPA, he does not do tax returns or run a CPA firm!) Noah will share his heart warming story and leave you with proven tax strategies and a toolbox of immediate practices that you almost definitely didn't know about...and that will move you to the half percent.

In this fast-paced and working discussion, you'll takeaway actionable practices to:
1) Avoid income taxes while operating your business and capital gains taxes when selling it
2) Have the bank pay life insurance premiums to enhance your tax-free income
3) Avoid estate taxes and protect assets using an Asset Protection Trust
4) Learn why most CPAs don't help clients with tax strategy and what you can do about it.

You will also receive Noah's 23 Overlooked Tax Strategies to review with your tax advisor! Come prepared to focus! This is a rapid fire session. You will leave with easy-to-implement ideas to put money back into your pocket.

About Noah Rosenfarb:
Noah has written 3 books, sold 8 companies, and has a long history of buying businesses, websites, and real estate. He is currently taking a company public, while adding over 1,000 apartment units to his family holdings in 2020, and growing his family office business. Noah has a wide set of expertise and experience in all things related to business, money, and taxes. 

Noah won the EO Nerve Short Talk speaker contest in 2017, when he shared his origin story "What If YOU Won The Lottery?" He has been part of the MyEO Deal Exchange leadership team, speaking at their annual conferences and organizing monthly Needs and Leads calls. Noah is also a member of EO South Florida.

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