EO DC Social

When:  May 1, 2021 from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM (ET)
Are you missing member interactions? Are you bored of staying in your house? Are you wishing you could see EO DC members face to face? Well, wish no more! Join us for the EO DC Social for some socially-distanced fun, sunshine, and tasty food and drinks!

On Saturday, May 1 from 11am-2pm, join us at Right Proper Brewing Company, owned by fellow EO DC member, John Snedden! We will have brewery tour opportunities, a custom beer-tasting experience, and great food! The event will be held outside, with the opportunity to venture indoors for the brewery tour. There is plenty of room to social-distance!

Due to COVID, there is limited capacity for this event. If you register and need to cancel, please do so, or email Jamie (jkopp@eodcnetwork.org), so your spot can be opened to another member.

What kind of food/beverages will be served?
-Individually packaged snacks will be provided
-Water bottles will be provided
-Lunch will be provided (Rocklands BBQ)
-Right Proper beer selection and tasting will be provided
-**If you or your family have any dietary restrictions, please contact jkopp@eodcnetwork.org

Are there restrooms on the property?

Is there enough room to social-distance comfortably?
-Yes! The property has lots of space to spread out and distance.
-Picnic tables are available for seating, and tents will be available if the weather is iffy.

What COVID-19 measures are being taken to ensure our safety?
-Green/Yellow/Red wristbands to let others know your comfort level with social interaction (Red= Stay 6-feet away; Yellow= I'm comfortable with an elbow bump; Green= I'm comfortable being less than 6-feet away)
-EO DC Masks will be provided
-EO DC hand sanitizer will be provided
-We have ensured all tables are spaced far enough apart, and there is a lot of space to move around, while socially-distance comfortably
-COVID-19 Waiver for each family

Please let Jamie (jkopp@eodcnetwork.org) know if you have any questions!


Right Proper Brewing Company
920 Girard Street NE
Washington, DC, 20017


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