EO DC The Resilient Entrepreneur

When:  Dec 5, 2019 from 4:30 PM to 7:30 PM (ET)

Megan Bruneau is a therapist, executive coach, writer, and host of The Failure Factor podcast – stories of career resilience. With a masters in counseling psychology and more than a decade working in mental health, she helps entrepreneurs recognize how they’re holding themselves back from joy and success, and do sh*t that scares them. Called “The millennials’ therapist by Deepak Chopra, Megan’s work has received upwards of 30 million views. A regular Forbes contributor, her work has been featured on Good Morning America, Entrepreneur, Thrillist, MindBodyGreen, Quartz, HuffPost, Thrive Global, and countless other outlets.

Many of us are aware of some of the psychological challenges entrepreneurship brings with it: the roller coaster of ups and downs; the uncertainty; the isolation; the financial strain; the stress and pressure… additionally, running our own businesses can make dating, relationships, and family life challenging; self-care and a “balanced” lifestyle nearly impossible; and vacation? What’s that? And if those aspects of entrepreneurship weren’t depression and anxiety-causing enough, we entrepreneurs have higher instances of mental health struggles and addictions independent of our circumstances – meaning the same traits and habits that make us great at what we do (that critical inner voice, for example…) may also make us vulnerable to depression, anxiety, and more. 

Megan will shed light on areas affecting our mental health we might be neglecting. Through personal assessment and discussion, we’ll identify our personal vulnerabilities and develop a “toolkit” for optimizing our mental health within our circumstances. From interpersonal strategies (such as saying no and asking for help); to intrapersonal strategies (such as self-coaching and making self-expectations more flexible, to putting structures in place (such as time-blocking, self-care, and community), you’ll walk away with increased self-awareness around your own mental health vulnerabilities, confidence in preventing burnout or breakdown, and strategies for optimizing mental health within your individual circumstances. 


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