Fighting the Wilds of The Qualification Process

When:  Feb 23, 2021 from 8:30 AM to 10:00 AM (ET)


Control - ALT - Qualify: Fighting the Wilds of the Qualification Process

Presented by Stephen Steers

Increasing close rates and closing long term customers are the hallmarks of a profitable and growing business. Adding predictability and consistency to the closing process can take your business to the next level. All of these come down to one common denominator. a robust qualification process. In this training, we'll cover the 5 key areas of the qualification process that you can put into your business right away to increase close rates and win more long term customers.

Ruthless qualification comes down to 5 things:
oClarity of your offer (goods, services, terms etc)
oSetting expectations from the first contact
oGetting clarity on the 4 reasons B2B buyers buy and the 3 reasons B2C/D2C Buyers buy
oThe Kryptonite Question
oDriving into the objection farm

When businesses configure their solutions with these terms in mind, they're selling to the problem, and offering their solution as a means to fix that problem, NOT just offering a solution they hope the customer will recognize as a means to solve their problem.

Together, we'll walk through case stories for each of the pillars and share the best ways for you to implement these frameworks for your businesses - TODAY.

Speaker's Message:

Hi, I’m Stephen,

They don‘t teach you sales in school. They don‘t teach you how to be confident. They don‘t teach you how to be out in the world and how to make a way for yourself. But that’s what I’m here for.

I love to see the lights go on in my clients’ eyes when they realize they can do this. They can change their lives. They can turn their unique vision into lasting financial success.

I’ve consulted, advised and led workshops for more than 250 companies from 16 countries. I’ve helped clients generate millions of dollars in revenue. And I’ve learned that, sure: the skills I teach bring financial success. But they can also have a positive impact on every other aspect of your life.

So, I’m here to change the game. I’m here to make sales compelling, interesting and even fun. And I’m here to listen to you, to empower you and give you the confidence you need to win.

Forget everything you think you know about salespeople. Effective sales is about listening, learning and connecting.

Work with me and you’ll get no bull, no middlemen, just expert advice and frameworks that get results.

Dream it. Get it.

Open to EOA-NY, EONY Members Guests, and whole EO US East Members




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