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Viva Partnership, LLC
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I first trained as a systems engineer, but ultimately discovered her passion lay with an infinitely more complicated system—the human system. A former university professor, I founded Viva Partnership, a mental health collaborative specializing in non-verbal treatment approaches, including brain- and body-based therapies.

Having experienced my own seemingly nonsensical struggles as an adoptee with the “perfect life,” I love to share the science that helped remove my own personal and professional roadblocks and also inspires my work as a speaker/trainer in the areas of EQ, efficiency and performance.
Through Viva Partnership, I lead a postgraduate training program on Trauma Informed Clinical Practice. And our team created the free online mental health resource center - The Resilient Brain Project.
I recently authored the book:
Live Empowered!  Rewire Your Brain's Implicit Memory to Thrive in Business, Love & Life (can be found on Amazon and in local bookstores.